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" Instructions for dreamers "




To better sail on our sailing ship, we give you some essential information to understand what you will find on board of the “DreamSailingShip”. On our web site you can find two different types of Menu: on the left side, a generic or “functional” Menu, instead on the right side a specific or a “thematic” one.

Here is a brief but clear description of everyone.



"F U N C T I O N A L" Menu (left side) :

  • DreamingSailingShip:The official welcome presentation on the DreamingSailngShip.
  • BlueCompass: Information for dreamers. The project general map.
  • BlueMission: The basic principles of the blue – “Italian musical dreaming Project”.
  • SeaFigurehead: Our crew: staff on board.
  • LogBook: News from editorial staff sailing on course.
  • WindRose: The community of dreamers. Contacts and instructions.
  • BlueParchment : The true dreamers’ club. Why to join us. Modalities.
  • SeaLantern: The special blue radio for dreamers. Listen to it!
  • BlueLittleDock: the chat @ cafe' break during the trip around music.
  • SirenOfDolphins: Collaborations and our friendships on board.
  • BlueRudder: navigation instruments for dreamers, useful to download.
  • SeaCorsairs: Etiquette & courtesy of dreamers in communication.
  • BayOfDreams: Our big gallery of dreaming images.
  • DreamersOnBoard : Special link for members of the “club of dreamers”.

  •  BlueQuay: we exclusively translate in English and French (in Spanish soon) the most important areas of the project to allow also our foreign friends to understand and appreciate the “features” of our mission.

  •  BlueAzimuth: your speaking clock on board of the  "DreamingSailingShip"  during its navigation or musical dreaming project

  • OnceUponATime : the page of the legendary story of the sailing ship fairytale in the Italian and International music “sea”.



"T H E M A T I C " Menu (right side) :


 " LighthouseKeeper "
News about music, events, artists. Our melodic informative Editorial.


" LaFavolaBlu (TheBlueTale) Dreaming courses ”


Our tale describes the journey of the “DreamSalingShip” which, departing from Genoa, driven by sea winds, sails on the deeps of music, from Italy and around the world, to come back to Liguria.
Every course describes a path and a stop, in time and in music, by the name of Mediterranean winds.

  • Gregale -the meaning of music, the theory and the history, its evolutions in time, its applications, how to listen to it in a better way, its beneficial effects on human beings, its therapeutical power. Music as nobility and dreaming power on the individual.


  • North Wind - Genoa and Liguria, the earth and the sea in the Italian music tradition. History and musical origins. The “Genoese School” of singer-songwriters. Genoese bands.


  • Levanter – the Italian “disco dance” time and “Videotel” the forerunner of web net, in innovative service of music.


  • Sirocco - portraits dedicated to prestigious artists of the Italian traditional music:
    (Mina Mazzini - Mia Martini - Giuni Russo - Alice - Gianna Nannini - Ivana Spagna - Fiorella Mannoia - Gerardina Trovato- Elisa - Silvia Mezzanotte - Claudio Baglioni - Riccardo Cocciante - Franco Battiato - Angelo Branduardi - Antonello Venditti - Renato Zero - Roberto Vecchioni - Francesco Renga - Gio' di Tonno -.....)


  •  South wind – Italian prestigious musicians’ portraits divided in:
    Conductors :
    (Ennio Morricone – Stefano Mainetti -  ......)
    Singers :
    (Andrea Bocelli - Filippa Giordano - Piero Mazzocchetti - Alessandro Safina - Patrizio Buanne - Giorgia Fumanti - .....)
    Contemporary pianists :
    (Giovanni Allevi - Eugenio Einaudi - Roberto Cacciapaglia - Irene Veneziano -  .....)


  • South-west wind – International musicians’portraits, as a homage to Italian music & language.
    (The Beatles - Abba - Frank Sintra - Sarah Brightman - Emma Shapplin - Il Divo - Jose' Carreras - Mario Frangoulis - Josh Groban - Michael Buble'- Michael Bolton - ......)
  • West wind – Exclusive artists portraits from everywhere.
    (Richard Clayderman - Andre’ Gagnon - Maksim Mrvica – Yiruma - Vangelis - Vanessa Mae -Lang Lang - Secret Garden - ....)
  • North-west wind – The return of the “DreamingSailingShip” in Liguria after its circumnavigation around the sea of world music. The “Sanremo” Festival of Italian song. History, evolution, new suggestions.


" Blue Stradivari "

(The Violins)

The story of a earth map which incredibly narrates the birth of a musical instrument in an ancient society contest, in its traditions and in its travels.

the "Via Postumia" (Postumia Road).



" LaFavolaBlu Dreaming Maps "

Navigation maps of the “DreamingSailingShip”. The instantaneous search about all contents of our parchment. Write what you want to search about the texts and the images of “LaFavolaBlu” and, immediately, it will appear.


 If during the navigation you think you are lost and want to come back to this directory or descriptive Map, we remind you that in the bottom right corner of every page, there’s the “Compass” link (come back to BlueCompass).
If you have difficulty in consulting our site, send a e-mail to:

 Enjoy your navigation! 



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