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" The project for dreamers "



- General considerations to the Project -


LaFavolaBlu”… in the… DeepOfMusic, virtually rises in 2006 in Genoa as an “Italian Musical Dreaming Project”. After its first experimentation in the “sea” of web, a graphical and conceptual improvement has followed. This stage was successfully finished in the last biennium (January 2008/2010).
Our project, thanks to its continuous evolution, is now like a real dreaming fairytale in the sea of Italian and International music. An exclusive and non-profit homage which wants to be playful and educational with the structure of a private, prestigious and unique club, opened to all (keen or not on music) comers, which can be immediately consulted on internet.

The portal, showing its imaginative book, wants deliberately to overcome the features of a modern web site (few spaces, short concepts, but so much graphics). This is our daring and nonconformist choice, but in the same time very “justified” by the desire to show the importance of the art of music.

The structure of our portal in the form of fairytale, allows gradually to leaf through many pages, rich of musical, poetic and cultural information, which are interactive, multimedia and in a strong relationship with other arts. It also permits to organize, in the near future, meeting or events reserved above all to “our dreamers” registered to the inner structure of the club, that you can find in our web site.

Below, you can find some diagrams that will make the description of our project features easier and more fluent. We hope they can quickly communicate, to sailors and dreamers, basic principles, courses, target and final mission of “LaFavolaBlu”.


B a s i c P r i n c i p l e s


  1. Project our general assemblage. The fairy book with its cover. Its evolution is a basic and permanent element in our project to make a continuous improvement process that is even a process of acquisition, of musical, cultural artistic and social experiences. Finished the first leg of the journey 2008/2010, the sailing ship is going to sail in open sea in a new and exclusive way of interpretation of music.
  2. In the...Deep of Music” because our tale compares music to sea. The emotions which we can feel hearing a melody, let us immerge into the deep of ourselves.
  3. “Tale” which gives life to a dream, making it come “true”. A tale which can also transform a portal in a navigation book on internet, just like a real “naval parchment”.
  4. “Music” in the middle of individual life. Art can communicate more than what words and reason can transmit. A complete observation about music to show readers, the grandeur and generosity of this art. Knowing its history, evolutions, classifications and applications.
  5. “Water” element chosen for its double importance. Physical Factor: water is a foundation of human biology and nature. It conveys relax, regeneration and physical perception of body.
    Psychological Factor: sea world can be compared, for many reasons, to music world, on listener’s mind and heart. Immerse yourself in our tensions and fears, but also in our ambitious desires, dreams and hopes.
  6. “Wind” an allegorical reference which tells the legend of the ancient navigations where ships sailed thanks to the power of sea winds. We chose the names of “Mediterranean Winds” to make the consultation of the pages (named “Dreaming Courses”) easier. Moreover, the names of winds belonging to “Wind Rose”, take Greece as a reference, a historical cradle of music!
  7. “Colour” the Blue of the typical sea atmosphere of Genoa and Liguria, which relaxes, restores mind and heart and makes you dream.
  8. “Logo” or the subject of our tale. Represented by an ancient sailing ship, the one of reveries, which sails in the seas of music to discover a lighthouse that conveys light and music.
  9. “Internet sea” is a means whose information and communication power is infinite; it can convey music, its distribution, and create ways for social sharing. Forerunner of the web net in Italy, the “Videotel” develops in a staggering way in 1980s, also in the recreational educational and social relationship with music.
  10. “Friendship” because in the tale, the “DreamingSailingShip” sails with its marine friends. In real terms, instead, “LaFavolaBlu”, is a private, exclusive and non-profit organisation for true keen on music friends.


C o u r s e s

A poetic and virtual, unreal and true, and extraordinarily “dreaming” journey. It has a own special “course”, in the seas of Italian and International music, like a source of dreams, emotions and wellness! And in the portal, our courses define exactly the “Dreaming Course” of the Menu, or bursting heart of “LaFavolaBlu”. It is the synthesis of wide thematic areas, everyone able to give information, music, poetry, culture and dream.


Here are the courses of our tale:

Genoa ---> Liguria ---> History of earth and sea of a musical territory.

Music ---> Dreams ---> Exciting, Perceiving, Evolving, Regenerating

Sea ---> A journey on board of fairy-tale DreamingSailingShip: "LaFavolaBlu"

Italy ---> History, traditions, prestige of “Music”

Foreign Countries ---> Cosmos ---> Discovering, appreciating and sharing.

Liguria ---> Genoa ---> The complete circumnavigation of the tale.


M i s s i o n

  1. THE REPUTATION– Increasing the value of Italian and International music, strengthening the reputation and its position. During the last few years, Italian music has been more emphasized abroad and less appreciated in our country. “LaFavolaBlu” will attend to create connections able to justify the reasons of such phenomenon and, if possible, try to amend for a reversal.A tricky moment in Italian music, where programmes like “Realities” determine a rule to follow in composing new music. In other words, it is like writing music only for a “market” which could not correspond to a real good quality. How many of these melodies will keep in time? Everybody knows that a good song, even if it is heard after a long time, remains a good, bright, pleasant and fresh song. Simply because it is qualitatively valid!
  2. “THE NON PROFIT HOMAGE" – The Italian and International diffusion of music passion is offered to sailors and, above all, to dreamers, as the best homage to good music.
  3. “THE MUSICAL AND CULTURAL REDISCOVERY” – Knowing what music is, its historical origins, its evolution in time, its classification and its beneficial effects in human beings. Allowing dreamers to rediscover the great musical legacy of Italy, giving it to who doesn’t know it yet.
  4. “THE RELATIONSHIP WITH ARTS” – where music favourably meets other forms of art. Painting, poetry, dance, sculpture are only some of the Synergies you will meet on board of the sailing ship, flowing together from/to music.
  5. “MUSICAL EDUCATION” – Deals with sailors and our dreamers and above all the young public. The target is to let know musical instruments, melodious skills, contemporary classic music, romances. For this reason, the choice of the “Portraits” (of musicians) in “LaFavolaBlu” is above all aimed at the music called “Pop Opera -Crossover” which classical music, Italian melodic and pop belonging to. As a matter of fact, the “Crossover” is a new vision of pop music, but it keeps the features of the classical one. Every piece can carry away by listener’s emotions, makes him dream and the protagonist of himself.
  6. “THE TERRITORY” – in the tale, wants to tell the story of music in a close relationship with its birth: the light of the earth and the sea of Genoa and Liguria. But also of Italian and International marine territories. On board of the sailing ship you can visit the images gallery of local landscape, virtually passed through during the navigation, as a homage to the territory of Liguria and its traditions.
  7. “INTERACTIVITY AND MULTIMEDIA” – Two aspects in a complete relationship in 2011. On one hand, they permit to the tale to spread its message to the new fans of music, through social utilities of free communication and sharing (Msn Messenger, Skype, MySpace, Tweeter, Facebook). On the other hand, “LaFavolaBlu” advises to use all free social utilities that the sea of web offers, to listen to music, watch images and videos, find mp3 music, etc. For these functions of assemblage in our portal, there is no extra cost. In this moment, the draft of a new project called “LaFavolaBlu” – Musical Dreaming Italian Network is at a planning stage. A portal which will make you listen to the Blue Radio of LaFavolaBlu, with access restricted to dreamers enrolled as members of the Club.
  8. “LISTENING AND WELLNESS” – Hearing good music to immerge yourself into a sensation of peace which makes the person free from the daily psychological and physical stress. The tale wants to give to dreamers this feeling of wellness showing on board of the sailing ship discoveries and real emotions.
  9. “THE DREAM” – Between dream and reality, two dimensions able to overlap thanks to music and its hidden messages which from hearing arrives in the heart and in the mind remaining in the memory of a person forever. Music to daydream and to improve the behaviour and also the interpersonal relationships.
  10. “COLLABORATING AND SHARING” – They’re necessary to realize the musical dreaming navigation of the sailing ship. Contacts and collaborations with musicians who can offer their musical contributions, with companies, musical and cultural associations to spread the message of our Tale. Music joins people together, beginning nice friendships. As sailors, you could find new friends and maybe sharing the same dream: the “Dreamers Community - Club”. From music to heart to dream!!! The registration to “LaFavolaBlu” is free both on web and on line.


These is the “BlueMission” of our project to sailing with seagulls, dolphins, starfish, corals and turtles towards more human lands.
In the focus, the deep which music offers us to excite, and where, besides the tale, there is a still possible reality.


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