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  " ...Welcome on board... "


…”Once upon a time” there was a fairy and emblematic sailing ship, which was a little bit dreamy and so keen on a beautiful melody... 

A fairytale, the blue of the sea and a project for a dream: Music! These are in short the basic principles of “LaFavolaBlu” which come to life thanks to the animated logo of a sailing ship which, sailing on the sea, can give strong emotions to its dreamers on board in the “DeepOfMusic”. Listening to this melody to dip in the most personal deep of ourselves. The great power of water in regeneration with the musical one, to give well-being: an absolute one.


But besides the blue subject of the fairytale, there is also the wish of a more human world, far from the fogs of values which always come with us. Music can speak with our heart and soul, thanks to an exclusive and universal language. Such as feeding human soul with notes which speak about the beauty and the big mystery of life because, where music is, there is no war but only the sure sunrise of a better day.


So, from now, “LaFavolaBlu” will sail once again “In The Deep Of Music”,  it will be driven by the breeze of Mediterranean sea winds, which will bring it magically to an incredible circumnavigation around the world. “8 Dreaming Courses”(or Thematic Areas) to define, discover and love, page after page, the tale about the journey in music seas of Your “Blue” sailing ship, that of Dreams!!!

A marine excursion which is never static, but, from the beginning, “evolutionary” to develop and to give you every possible musical, historical, artistic and cultural information through texts, images, the blue background of the sea and multimedia. A web naval book which can tell the story of a special fairy tale that is absolutely and proudly, “inedited” because unpublished until now in the net!!!

Evaluated the big treasure of notions on board, we want to say that you can access to all pages of the portal step by step, to allow sailors and above all, the dreamers to look at the new “Parchment” little by little!

And once again, we wish all good friends.... “Happy Dream” on board of “LaFavolaBlu”!!!
From now... Full speed ahead!!!

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Author Web Editor 

Alberto Alessio Dondero 





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